Q. How do I get a team signed up for the next season?

A. You will need to put your team on the wait list by filling out an adult registration form. You can get an adult registration form at the facility or print it out from the website. Then bring or mail in the form with a $200 deposit. If paying by check, we will not cash your check till your team gets in. Your team will move up the wait list each season until your team is in.

Q. How do I get on a team as an individual?

A. We do not put together teams of individuals, but you can post your information in our forum. Also, you can reply to posts of teams looking for players.

Q. Do I need a player’s card to play?

A. Yes, all players are required to purchase a $20 player card once per year.

Q. Does my team need to pay the referee?

A. No, we pay the referees directly. This fee is included in the registration fee.

Q. What kind of shoes do I need to play?

A. You can wear indoor, turf, or athletic shoes. We do not allow cleats on our turf.

Q. Do you have open play?

A. We have open play every Tuesday and Friday from noon to 2:00 pm. The walk up price is $8. Or you can purchase a 10-play card for $70.

Q. How do I reschedule a game if there is a conflict?

A. Please call or email to discuss options. We will try to reschedule the game if open time is available. There is a $45 reschedule fee.

Q. When is my team fee due?

A. The registration fee is due by the second game of the season. If you can’t pay by the second game, you can fill out a request to waive late fee form. There is a $50 late fee if your team fee is not paid by your second game and no form was filled out. If you filled out a form, your money is due before the start of your third game. Your third game can’t start till you pay the remaining balance.

Q. What days and times will my team play?

A. Multi-gender teams play Friday through Sunday. The game times for multi-gender games are Fridays from 6:20 to midnight:10, Saturdays 1:10 pm to midnight, and Sundays 1:10 pm to 10:20 pm. Women’s or Men’s teams play Sunday through Thursday. The game time for these leagues are weekdays 6:20 to 10:30 pm and Sundays 1:10 pm to 10:20 pm.

Q. How many players do I need for a team?

A. Multi-gender has six players plus a goalie. Men’s and Women’s teams have five players plus a goalie.

Q. What is the registration fee per team?

A.  The registration fee is $1,250 per team for a 10 game season.